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At one time in history, the freelance writer had to make hard copies of handwritten or typed work and mail or personally hand deliver the material to organizations that commissioned the work. A writer would spend more time trying to get work accepted than in doing the actual writing in many cases.

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Online freelance writing is a much better way for the writer to get work published and be paid for it in a timely fashion. A service company like is a good place to start if you plan on becoming a freelance writer as a full or part time career.

What You Need for Online Freelance Writing Jobs

If you believe you have what it takes to procure online freelance writing jobs, consider some of the characteristics necessary to be good at the work.

  • A sense of imagination, which is necessary for all types of writing
  • The ability to accept rejection
  • A competitive nature
  • The ability to network
  • The ability to make decisions based on guidelines in place

As you might imagine, not everyone is a candidate for online freelance writing jobs. As important as it is to write well and produce error free content, the other traits are necessary if you continue in this field.

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Don't Waste Online Freelance Writing Opportunities

Handle your online freelance writing opportunities with care because your reputation will follow you whether it is good or bad. Most places you write through or boards where you bid work have ways of grading each writer's talent and dependability. If you don't complete work or do poorly because you are trying to finish faster to get paid, you may be branded for a long time and in the wrong light. You can expect the pay scale in freelance writing to be similar to other professions. It is based on how well you perform, current market rate, and how punctual you are when your return the completed work.

You Must be Talented for an Online Freelance Writing Job

How flexible are your writing talents? Would you have a problem with writing 300-word articles some of the time and working on long screenplays at other times? An online freelance writing job provides an ever changing canvas for the writer so that boredom is not a factor. Many people just like you start part time in writing until they have a better feel of what they are capable of doing and how much they can realistically make in the writing profession. You must be good for some writer hopefuls are not able to make deadlines or produce materials that meet the client's expectations.

Online Freelance Writing Needed

If you entertain the hope of being a writer, there's no better way to earn credibility and begin to build on the talent you have than by freelancing. There is online freelance writing needed on an ongoing basis for those who can follow direction and possess the character traits that make a good writer. Find out for yourself by going to and filling out your user account information. Your possible acceptance is based on several factors, and you'll never know if you meet the criteria until you put forth the effort. If you are a good freelance writer, the experience will only make you better and you'll earn money, too.

Most people have no clue they can make a good living with online freelance writing. Unfortunately, this means that many people are missing opportunities associated with freelance online writing jobs.

Online Freelance Writing Needed

If you were someone that wants to do something different, a job with more liberties while expanding the mind, an online freelance writing job would be ideal. Another misconception is that only writers with years of experience can take advantage of online freelance writing. In truth, freelance online writing jobs are available for beginners too.

Now, if you have never been published before, you would need to look for people or companies that need online freelance writing needed for simple jobs. In fact, many people that become professionals working an online freelance writing job will start by doing editing. Once it is seen that you have the ability to edit well, being hired after responding to an online freelance writing needed posting could be easier. The key to being hired is to be honest with the client about your online freelance writing experience, and then asking for a chance at a reduced rate.

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The exciting thing about online freelance writing is that once you get your foot in the door, many incredible opportunities would be opened. As you complete one online freelance writing project after another, you would begin to build your portfolio of referrals. With this, you would be in a better position to start bidding on online freelance writing projects that are more complex and thereby, projects that pay better. In truth, with writing you have control over the number of projects you take on and thereby the amount of money you make.

If wanted, you could continue working online freelance writing projects alone but another option would be to start your own company, hiring writers that would also complete online freelance writing work. Some people prefer to work alone on online freelance writing projects, which is fine but with a company, you would be able to expand your horizons, taking on more online freelance writing projects and ultimately, making a significant income.