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  • Up to $30/page - high and competitive rates. We offer decent pay to our writers depending on their performance and language proficiency.
  • Flexible schedule - work whenever you want. You account stays active. Take vacation any time, but make sure you don’t have a paper due :)
  • Timely payments - get paid twice a month via PayPal. We cover the transfer fees.
  • Attractive bonus system - we have set up a reward system for our writers to create a comfortable environment. Whenever you do a good job it won’t be left unnoticed.
  • 100% Private and Confidential - your information is never revealed without your permission.
  • 24/7 Support - you best friends at this job!

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Online Freelance Writing Jobs

ProficientWriters.com, the Web’s leading provider of academic papers for students and generalized freelance writing for all comers, is looking for you, a freelance writer who can be available whenever you want to be available, not when we want you to be available.

We’ve got jobs for freelance writers who can handle short papers and long papers, both academic papers and non-academic papers, on topics ranging from soup to nuts (both literally and as the saying goes, if you know what we mean).

You are a writer.

Or you very much want to be one and know you can be if given half the chance. You are fluent in English and Google.

You spend hours in front of your computer, but too often doing things that will never translate into money for you – like looking endlessly for
jobs for writers.

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Academic Writing Jobs Online

Legitimate academic writing jobs are not easy to find.

Although there are zillions of would-be writing services for students, finding real, actual working writing positions with them is, at best, a roll of the dice. Although they may solicit writers on their website, getting a response from them is uncertain, to say the very least. But chances are you don’t want to write for them anyway.

That’s because, like the writing "services" they offer, their freelance writing jobs are a scam. They like writers who are not fluent in English. After passing off their papers to the (unsatisfied) customer and ignoring their complaints after taking their money, the agency will then "fine" you for submitting an unsatisfactory paper.

If you are desperate enough to want to continue working for them (and they know that many of their writers will be), you must "earn back" the amount you have been penalized. You will do that by writing for free until your "penalty" is paid.

Debt slavery, in other words.

At ProficientWriters.com, we’ve built a sustainable business-model by specifically avoiding such illegal con-games. When we accept your paper, you will be paid for the full amount, period. In exchange, we require from you:

  • Solid academic credentials
  • Native English fluency
  • A good narrative style of writing
  • Demonstrated research ability
  • The ability to complete assignments within their deadlines

Writing for ProficientWriters.com is not always easy. We demand the best. So do our customers. Many of them bring repeat business and know what to expect from us. Don’t be surprised to find that the paper you thought was perfect will need to be revised under a new deadline. That said, don’t worry about being scammed by a student who thinks he can get two papers for the price of one.

We’re wise to that one too.

There are very good
writing jobs online and very bad ones. It’s a business that tends to extremes.

What we at ProficientWriters.com offer is the very best of the very rare very good ones.

Show us what you’ve got!