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Freelance Writing

By definition, freelance writing is work produced for various people or entities on an independent basis. Freelance writing is nothing new. It has been around for centuries, but never has it been more available and sought after than it is today. Writers who can deliver good work that people want to read are high in demand at

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Those writers who freelance put their work into many markets, which creates more ways for that work to be recognized. Some freelancers are so well received that their work is requested by many companies that have a large market share.

The World Wide Web Has Many Freelance Writing Jobs Available

You might be surprised at the number of large industrial clients who use freelancers for most of their technical and digital writing. Imagine all the places you go on the internet and understand that someone has to write all the information that is found on those millions of pages of text. It is little wonder there are freelance writing jobs needing expert writing skills. If you've ever landed on a webpage that had glaring errors, you know why the heavyweight clients look for writers who can be depended on to find their mistakes and pen good analytical sentences and articles.

ProficientWriters Freelance Writing

Make Certain Freelance Writing Opportunities are Legitimate

A simple Google on the subject will bring up many freelance writing opportunities that are available to you. Not all of these are in your best interest. Some solicitations come from those who want to get materials from you, but don't want to pay for their value. Some individuals will attempt to con work from you and never pay. Because of the secrecy of internet dealings, it is easy for unscrupulous people to take your work if you don't have a check point to protect yourself. Be sure that an opportunity you have is legitimate and you stand the best chances of being paid.

Make Money Freelance Writing by Covering the Bases

How can you be sure you will make money freelance writing? A series of steps to check off is a good way to be certain of what you can hope to earn.

    Consider the following:
  • Be sure the entire scope of work is clear before giving a price
  • Estimate how long it will take you to complete the project
  • On larger projects, be sure you have payments made incrementally based on preset milestones
  • Obtain the services of an organization that holds or escrows the client's money so you are guaranteed to be paid when you finish the work.

Writing Jobs Made Easy

You may not have problems finding writing jobs, but that doesn't mean all of the ones you find will be good ones. If you freelance for, you will know that you are going to be paid for acceptable work, and you won't worry about any gray areas of what any job might be. When you are satisfied that you won't be the victim of fraud, you can devote your time and energies to the real work at hand. All you'll need to be concerned with at that point is how many hours you want to work each week and at what times.

Excellent Freelance Writing Opportunity

Some people are skeptical about freelance writing for making money. After all, many scams have been seen, making people wary. However, freelance writing jobs are legitimate and for people with writing skills, an excellent career.

Freelance Writing Job Opportunities

With a freelance writing job, an individual has numerous opportunities. For starters, the person could do freelance writing for a third-party company or individual that needs assistance but another option would be freelance writing for one particular company, perhaps a local newspaper.

Several excellent companies exist online that offer projects for freelance writing. For these freelance writing jobs, the person would scour open projects, place a bid, and then be hired by a client or not. The concept for these companies is the same for freelance writing although the cost of becoming a member to bid on a freelance writing job would vary from one to another. Because companies such as this offer an excellent freelance writing opportunity, finding work is actually easy.

Anyone interested in doing magazine freelance writing, an inquiry would need to be sent to the editor.

Make Money Writing Freelance

At that time, the editor would decide to assign a project for magazine freelance writing or to pass. The same process would apply for freelance writing with a local newspaper in that the editor would look at the individual's qualifications and then determine if a position for freelance work was available or not. Since there are usually more restrictions for freelance writing of this type, many writers prefer to work on their own.

When doing freelance writing as an individual, the writer could focus on areas of writing most interested in. For instance, this person could do medical freelance writing, sports freelance writing, or something else. With medical freelance writing, this would include informative articles, eBooks, and web content on health related topics but it could also be special articles for a particular doctor or clinic. Then for sports freelance writing, topics would be specific to spectator, recreational, and professional sports, often for websites. People need to remember that clients paying freelance writing professionals are usually happy to pay a good price in return for excellent work.